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Pre Paid Plans from *£2995

It is possible to take the financial burden away from your family by taking out a pre-paid funeral with us because once paid for, our fees are guaranteed to be covered, however long you live. Plans are available from £2995 please see the table below for details. We only recommend Pre-paid Funeral plans, Many ‘Plans’ currently on offer from other companies are actually insurance policies which stipulate that you must pay monthly premiums for the rest of your life, stop paying and the funeral service will not be supplied and no money will be refunded. This is not the case with our funeral plans, once they are paid you will never be asked for any more money towards the funeral director’s fees. We studied all the funeral plans available on the market today and decided to offer only Golden Charter plans because, in our opinion, they offer the best combination of service and value for money.

A word of warning.

There is an ever increasing number of companies offering Pre-Paid Plans. Many of these companies are purely financial companies who do not have any particular experience with funerals, in fact many have no connection with any funeral directors at all, and simply sell your plan to the highest bidder! this often leads to upset when the time comes as your plan could be placed with a funeral director who you don’t know or who is many miles away. We always advise you to arrange your plan through a local funeral director who you can speak to directly. Not all plan providers give what we would consider to be a proper service to you and your family and simply want your money. Also beware of insurance policies sold as plans. There are many of these available and while not all are bad, some are very misleading. They offer a fixed monthly payment which is payable until a stated age or death. If however you find yourself unable to pay your premiums for any reason, you could lose all monies paid and be left without any cover. Please read the small print or better still, consult your funeral director who will advise you on your options.

About our plans…

Along with our partners, Golden Charter, we provide tailored funeral arrangements that can be relied upon. We do so by providing you with a guarantee that they we deliver our services, no matter how far into the future on the terms agreed today ensuring that your arrangements are fully protected against any changes to the company or to general financial circumstances.

Why choose a Golden Charter plan…

  • Consideration for loved ones
  • A guaranteed cost of Funeral Director Services
  • Financial security – your money is placed in trust and is therefore 100% safe
  • value for money
  • High disbursement contribution – any excess will be refunded to the family

Why choose a plan from Finch & Sons…

  • We are a small family owned and run funeral service who put the families we care for first
  • We offer free, no obligation advice on all aspects of funeral plans
  • We are proud to be members of SAIF which is your guarantee of our high standards
  • We are flexible and can tailor your plan to suit you
  • We have ultimate control over pricing so our plans are the most affordable – compare our plan prices and quality of service
  • You can rest assured that your family will be receive the best possible care when the time comes

Funeral Plans from Golden Charter

Whatever your reasons for choosing a Pre-paid plan, you can rest assured that it makes good financial sense and your money will be totally safe. Money paid in to plans are held in trust by our plan provider, Golden Charter, and is protected by law so the cost of our services are guaranteed to be covered, however long it is until you die. For more information, please feel free to contact us for a brochure or a no obligation chat. Even if you are not in a position to purchase a plan at present, we are happy to sit down with you to take your instructions for future reference. We offer 3 plans offering varying services and prices. You can even spread the cost by paying fixed monthly installments. Any extra services can be added to any of these plans, Church service or burial for instance.

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Compare all three funeral plans

Funeral Director Services included Simple Standard Premium
Funeral directors professional services
Advice on registration, documentation and certification
Local removal from place of death to funeral directors premises within 25 miles Normal working hours 24 hours 24 hours
Care of deceased prior to funeral
Use of chapel of rest for visits by family and friends n/a
The coffin type Basic Standard High quality
Attendance of conductor and four bearers on day of funeral
Provision of hearse and limousine for service at crematorium or cemetery Hearse direct to crematorium or cemetery Hearse & one limousine Hearse & two limousines
Full listing of floral tributes n/a
Thank you cards n/a n/a
Bereavement counselling (where available)

Funeral Director Costs

The funeral directors services are guaranteed to be covered in full.
Disbursements Simple Standard Premium
Ministers fees
Doctors fees
Crematorium or cemetery fees
Local church fees n/a Available at extra cost Available at extra cost

Disbursement Contribution

Within the total cost £1200 is included as a contribution towards disbursement costs. The sum paid towards the disbursements are guaranteed to increase in line with the inflation. The disbursement portion of the plan is always kept separate from the F.D. Fees so we can clearly show the value of the contribution at any time. You may wish to add to the £1200 within the plan to reduce the chance of the contribution not meeting the full costs of the disbursements. Any excess funds left over after the disbursements have been paid will be refunded to the family, including any growth during the time you hold your plan.

Plan Administration Fee

£249.00 £249.00 £249.00

Overall Total Costs

£2995 £3195 £3595

We are presently offering a complimentary upgrade to the next plan for all plans taken out before 31st May

The cost can be spread over 12 months interest free, or up to 30* years by installments *depending on age at application

As well as the set plans, we can offer bespoke funerals plans to cater for any requirements you may have, eg. Horse drawn Hearse, Environmentally friendly funeral, out of area funerals,custom coffins etc.. We can also arrange for repatriation to, or from, anywhere in the world within a plan.