Baptist Funeral

As a Christian religion, Baptists follow the Christian Bible, believe in the afterlife, and strive to attain a place in Heaven. They believe that Jesus was the Son of God and came to earth to teach through his actions and lessons. The religion was founded in England in the 17th century by John Smyth. Many of his followers left England seeking religious freedom. Today, there are many branches of the Baptist faith, but most fall into one of two groups: the General and the Particular. General Baptists believe Christ’s death was to redeem all people, while Particular Baptists think only believers are saved.

At the ceremony, guests of all faiths are invited to participate. However, if Communion is offered, non-Baptists generally do not participate. Since, practices vary by region, take cues from the group or ask a pastor before the service begins.

Baptists in general have no preference between burial or cremation. The funeral service will be held at the church if the deceased is a member of the congregation or in the crematorium chapel for people who decide on a Baptist service but do not regularly attend a church.

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