We fully appreciate that the memorial marking a loved one’s resting place is a very personal and long lasting tribute. For this reason much consideration is needed and a final decision should not be rushed. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and advise you on choices without any obligation.

When thinking about placing a memorial the first consideration must be as to what is actually allowed at the chosen location. All cemeteries and churchyards have a set of regulations which must be adhered to. Many specify a certain size and shape while others just specify a maximum size. Many cemeteries demand different memorials for different types of burial, ie. tablet for a cremation plot and headstone on a grave.

Whatever the circumstance, we, along with our experienced monumental mason, can guide you through the process of selecting a suitable and fitting memorial to your loved one.

It is always a good idea to visit the location in question and look at what memorials already exist. This will give you a good idea of what is allowed and could also give you some ideas for the memorial you wish to place. Any memorial display or brochure will only show a fraction of what is available when compared to an established burial ground.

Please note we can produce any design of headstone in any material. We can also work from your own ideas or from any picture to make your stone exactly as you wish.

It is important to remember that a memorial can only be placed after an application has been made and permission to erect has been granted.


Churchyard regulations are laid down by the Church of England and are very specific as to maximum size and the type of stone which is allowed. In general the stone used should blend in wherever possible with the church building itself. This means the use of Marble and most Granites is not allowed. Instead Lime stone is preferred which over time will weather and blend in with the surrounding stones.


Cemetery regulations tend to be more flexible. There will always be maximum sizes allowed but the choice of stone is much more varied and the actual design of the memorial is also much more diverse.
Some cemeteries are lawn cemeteries which means only headstones are allowed to facilitate levelling and mowing the grass. Other cemeteries allow kerb sets which cover the whole area of the grave.

It is important to remember each cemetery has its own regulations and permission to place a stone will only be granted if the application meets all of the regulations set by the burial authority.


It is hard to quote costs here because of the vast array of memorials available but it is worth noting the different components which go to making the final costs.

* Cost of the selected stone which includes fitting.
* Chosen inscription and type of lettering. Inscriptions are usually charged from £1.20 per letter
* Purchase of the plot. Most cemeteries will only allow a memorial if the exclusive rights of burial have been purchased.
* Fee for permission to erect or place a monument.

Generally speaking, we can provide Granite headstones from about £550 plus the fee from the appropriate Cemetery authority.

If you are thinking of placing a memorial we are happy to talk through the different options with you. We are also happy to meet you at the burial ground to discuss the options you have at that specific location as this may give you some preliminary ideas to work from.

Existing memorials

We are happy to advise on refurbishing existing memorials and adding additional inscriptions.