All materials used to produce our memorials are natural quarried Marble, Granite or stone. No artificial, precast or reconstructed materials are used with the sole exception of concrete bases.

Black, Red – Dark, Medium or Light Grey in colour. Polishing brings out the true beauty and deep colour of this extremely hard wearing stone which will not fade with time.

Granite is available in many colours and is sourced from around the world from the Britain to China. Samples are available to view but being a natural stone will vary in colour, even from the same location.

‘Black Granite’ is not jet black but varies from very deep grey-black to brown black.

A very popular stone used in buildings and works of art through the ages.

Marble is usually white through to blue-white in colour with darker blue/grey veins.

Fossil Marble is grey white/fawn colour with small fossil shells and can sometimes be used in churchyards where the more common white marble is not permitted.

A fine hard type of Limestone which is fawn in colour.

It is particularly suited to churchyard memorials as it blends with the natural surroundings.

Grey/cream in colour often with fossilised shells.

Favoured by many for churchyard memorials as it blends extremely well with the traditional stonework of many churches.